We put our measurement on the inside, while still keeping the outside stylish. Your drink, how you want it.

    The Only Functional Drinkware on the Market


    Made and Sold by Kompass Drinkware

     Imagine making one change to an existing product that could add value to your daily life? Kompass Drinkware did that by exclusively adding MiLiOZ into their drinkware.

     MiLiOZ is a unique inside measuring system that is a simple and functional way to make life easier from the time you wake up, to the time you go to bed. 

    JJ Keras Collection with MiLiOZ


    JJ Keras is a Nationally Recognized On-Air Entertaining and Lifestyle Expert. She's a frequent contributor to the Today Show covering the latest entertaining trends and gift giving ideas. She also appears on Good Morning America covering DIY holiday segments, and was a contributor to Southern Living’s blog The Daily South, where she showcased the latest happenings in home entertaining.

    MiLiOZ and JJ hit it off instantly because we both agreed on two major needs in the Drinkware market. First, was a collection approach to Drinkware. Second, was maximizing the value of an inside measurement system and showing everyone how they can benefit from MiLiOZ!

    Explore JJ’s Collection

    Check out some of the uses in this video!

    Our Compostable Coffee Cup is Amped with Value


    A Win for the Consumer and the Business

    Consumers get a consistent cup of coffee to their specific liking, every time. No more pouring out coffee to make room for cream!

    Not only do baristas love our cups, but businesses can help reduce waste, increase efficiencies and offer customized consistency to everyone. 


    A Win for the Environment

    After the consumer and business have reaped the benefits, our compostable coffee cups with MiLiOZ break down to be more friendly for the environment.

    A Party Cup Like You've Never Seen Before!

    The MiLiOZ party cup is durable, reusable, top rack dishwasher safe, recyclable & BPA Free. It's perfect for any type of cold drink that needs to be mixed or measured. 

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    Additional Places You Can Find MiLiOZ


    If you would like a custom order with MiLiOZ on the inside and your design on the outside, then check out Gold Bond, 4 or Sobe Promos! 


    Latest Product Development

    Recently, we added Milliliters in addition to Ounces to expand the uses and our market reach!   

    Official Partnership

    About Kompass


    KOMPASS drinkware products are proudly manufactured in Shelbyville, Indiana. They have been in business as a USA manufacturer since 1946.

    By making their products here in the United States, their Indiana workers can successfully manage every aspect of quality control.

    Kompass's retail partners rightfully take great pride in helping keep the American manufacturing spirit alive and well by carrying their products.


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